Slider settings - Loading

⚠️ Warning: This tab will be removed in 3.5. The options are moved to Optimize and Developer.

The Loading tab is located at the Slider settings page.


Loading type

You can select the loading type for your slider.

  • Instant: The slider loads immediately, without any delay.

  • After page loaded: The slider loads after the page has loaded.

  • After delay: You can define a Load delay for the slider, and until this time expires, the slider won't be shown.

Play when visible

If this option is turned on, then your animations will start when you will scroll to the slider, but if you turn it off, your animations will start immediately, as the slider loads. The At option decides how much of the slider needs to be visible for the animations to start.

Fade on load Pro

When a website is loading, the parts are jumping into their places, which isn't always very pretty, especially if you have a big website or slow internet connection. With this option you can hide our slider until it loads, and then make it fade in when it's done loading, or make it only fade in, when you scroll to the slider.

Fade on scroll Pro

Fades the slider in upon scrolling.

Delayed (for lightbox/tabs)

Turn on this option if you are using the slider in a tabbed environment or in lightbox. This option will give a +200ms delay to the slider load, and it will keep checking if the slider is currently visible to adjust its size so the slider can appear correctly in a tab or in a lightbox.

Loading animation Pro


Loading animation for the Fadein - On load and for the Image load option. You can select from our predefined CSS animations, or upload your own image. If you choose to upload your own image, you'll get the following extra options:

  • Width: You can set the width you want the image to be displayed in.
  • Height: You can set the height you want the image to be displayed in.
  • Hide until complete load: When an image is used as the loading spinner, it takes time to load. This can be visible, as the image being built up by the browser and moves to the slider's center. You can hide the spinner during this image loading part.
Background image

You can set a background image for the loading animation.

Background color

You can set a background color for the loading animation.

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