Joomla Module Layer

⚠️ Warning: You need to have a developer's knowledge to be able to use this layer! The module in most cases needs a customized CSS code to make it work, or even more serious code changes. For these reasons, we're not able to provide support for this layer. Additionally, we don't have any control over these module's responsiveness or any other behavior of the other module.

You can find the List layer in the Slide Editor.

☝️ Note: This layer is only available in the Pro version of Smart Slider 3.




Joomla's loadposition option, and the Advanced module manager extension's module and modulepos options.


The loadposition's and modulepos' parameters should be the position of your other module, and the module's parameter should be the title or ID of your module.



Learn about the responsive options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the effect options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the position options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the size options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the advanced options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the animations at the Animation documentation.


Create a mymodule position:

You will be able to write mymodule into the position of your module:

Just make sure, that at the Menu Assignment you have that page selected, where the slider is published.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the loadposition not working with any module?

Make sure that the Run content plugins on sliders option is enabled at Global settings → General.

How to troubleshoot when the position won't work?

Check out this documentation.

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