Joomla Module Layer

⚠️ Warning: Please note, that we do not support this layer! We don't suggest using it, as it can have too many problems. Most modules won't work with this layer!

You need to have a developer's knowledge to be able to use it! The module in most cases needs a customized CSS code to make it work, or even more serious code changes. We also don't have any control over these modules' responsiveness or any other behavior.

You can find the Joomla module layer in the Slide Editor.

☝️ Note: This layer is only available in the Pro version of Smart Slider 3. Modules are only rendered at the frontend of the site. You will not see them in your backend while editing or previewing the slider.



  • Loadposition - Content plugin: Joomla's loadposition option, expects a module position name
  • Loadmoduleid - Content plugin: Joomla's loadmoduleid option, expects a module ID
  • Module - Modules Anywhere: Expects a Modules Anywhere module. Only works if Modules Anywhere extension is installed.
  • Modulepos - Modules Anywhere:Expects a Modules Anywhere module position. Only works if Modules Anywhere extension is installed.

⚠️ Warning: Only those extensions can run within our module layer, which are being called in by the onContentPrepare Joomla given function. If a custom module works, but your extension's module doesn't, that means your extension is not compatible with our layer.

In all four cases, the module is only rendered on the frontend of the site. You will not see them in your backend while editing or previewing the slider.

Keep in mind that not all modules were made to be used from other modules. So whether you can actually use the 3rd party module inside the slider depends on the 3rd party module and we can't do anything about it, if it doesn't support loading it via another module. Make sure you also check the Frequently Asked Questions for troubleshooting tips.


The parameter is based on the Type option. The loadposition and modulepos parameters should be the position of your other module, and the module's parameter should be the title or ID of your module.


In this example you can see how to make a module show up in the slider. Please keep in mind that not all modules can work inside Smart Slider and it's not guaranteed that the 3rd party module will look or work fine inside the slider.

Any possible problems with the 3rd party module need to be solved by custom coding. Please note that we do not provide any kind of support for custom coding or to make a 3rd party code/module work properly in the slider. For these reasons we only recommend using the module layer for developers, who can sort the problems out themselves.


Create a mymodule position:


You will be able to write mymodule into the position of your module:

Joomla 3

Joomla 4


Make sure, that at the Menu Assignment you have that page selected, where the slider is published.

How to troubleshoot when the position won't work?

Check out this documentation.

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