Joomla - JReviews Generator

⚠️ Warning: This generator is deprecated and will be removed after December 31st, 2020.

What does this mean?
The dynamic slides you previously created will work until December 31st, 2020, but you are no longer able to create new dynamic slides. After the generator is removed, the previously created dynamic slides will not work anymore.

In this article


You can use these options to set what you want your generator to show.



You can select the categories from where you want the comments.


You can select articles to filter your comments from the selected categories.

Min star rating

Minimum star rating, which allows you to only show comments, which have higher or equal rating to this number.

Min thumbs up number

Minimum thumbs up number, which allows you to only show comments, which have higher or equal number of thumbs up to this number.



The field which decides the ordering of your content.

  • Creation time
  • Modification time
  • Rating
  • Thumbs up
  • Total number of votes
  • Hits

The order direction.

  • Ascending
  • Descending

Generator Settings

Learn about the Generator Settings at the Generator Settings documentation.


These are the available variables you can use to build your dynamic slide content in the Slide Editor.

Not sure what are the variables or how to use them? Learn how to work with variables.

  • title - The title of the comment.
  • description - The description of the comment.
  • image thumbnail - Either the attached image of the comment, or the intro image of the article, or the fulltext image of the article.
  • url - Url to the article.
⚠️ Warning: In Joomla the content pages, like articles can link to any Menu Manager pages of your website, and from the point of view of the code it is not possible to know, where do you want it to link. By default it will use the modules, which are on your homepage, and you can't change that!
  • rating - The rating number of the comment.
  • name - The name of the comment's creator.
  • username - The username of the comment's creator.
  • email - The email address of the comment's creator.
  • location - The location of the comment's creator.
  • creation_time - The creation time of the comment.
  • vote_helpful - The helpful rating number of the comment.
  • vote_total - The total number of votes on the comment.
  • review_note - The review note of the comment.
  • article_title - The title of the article, where the comment is.
  • article_introtext - The introtext of the article, where the comment is.
  • article_fulltext - The fulltext of the article, where the comment is.
  • article_introtext_image - The introtext image of the article, where the comment is.
  • article_fulltext_image - The fulltext image of the article, where the comment is.
  • article_hits - The number of hits on the article, where the comment is.
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