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⚠️ Warning: This generator is deprecated and will be removed after December 31st, 2020.

What does this mean?
The dynamic slides you previously created will work until December 31st, 2020, but you are no longer able to create new dynamic slides. After the generator is removed, the previously created dynamic slides will not work anymore.

In this article

You can use these options to set what you want your generator to show.


⚠️ Warning: We don't support SEO url of jCart! jCart uses its own code to create SEO urls, not Joomla's. We have limited control over what kind of SEO urls it generates. Also, these SEO codes can be overwritten by other codes as well and jCart doesn't offer a code for developers to be able to generate SEO urls easily. Because of this, don't expect the seo_url and seo_category_url variable to work! The url and category_url will work, it just won't be SEO url.



You can select the categories from where you want the products.

In stock

You can choose to only show the products in stock or not in stock or all products.

Available by date

There is a "Date Available" option at your products. If you are using this option, and you want our slider to recognize, if a product should be visible yet, because of this, turn it on.

Requires shipping

Filter out only those products, where the "Requires shipping" option is set to yes.


You can filter out the products based on the language.

Min order quantity

If you are using the "Minimum Quantity" option, you can use with our slider too, to only show those products, where the minimum order quantity is at least this value.



The field which decides the ordering of your content.

  • Product name
  • Ordering
  • Viewed
  • Price
  • Creation time
  • Modification time

The order direction.

  • Ascending
  • Descending

Generator Settings

Learn about the Generator Settings at the Generator Settings documentation.


These are the available variables you can use to build your dynamic slide content in the Slide Editor.

Not sure what are the variables or how to use them? Learn how to work with variables.

  • title - The name of the product.
  • description - The description of the product.
  • image, thumbnail - The image of the product..
  • url - Url to the product.
  • seo_url - SEO url to the product. This will only link to your product, if the System → Global Configuration → Search Engine Friendly URLs option is turned on.
⚠️ Warning: We don't support SEO url of jCart! Why?
  • category_url - Non-SEO url to the product's category.
  • seo_category_url - SEO url to the product's category. This will only link to your product, if the System → Global Configuration → Search Engine Friendly URLs option is turned on.
⚠️ Warning: We don't support SEO url of jCart! Why?
  • price - The price of the product.
  • price_without_format - The price without symbol and formatting.
  • weight - The weight of the product.
  • length - The length of the product.
  • width - The width of the product.
  • height - The height of the product.
  • model - The model of the product.
  • sku - The SKU number of the product.
  • upc - The UPC number of the product.
  • ean - The EAN number of the product.
  • jan - The JAN number of the product.
  • isbn - The ISBN number of the product.
  • mpn - The MPN number of the product.
  • location - The location of the product.
  • points - The reward points of the product.
  • quantity - The quantity of the product.
  • tag - The tags of the product.
  • meta_title - The meta title of the product.
  • meta_description - The meta description of the product.
  • meta_keyword - The meta keyword of the product.
  • category_name - The product's category's name.
  • category_description - The product's category's description.
  • category_id - The ID of the product's category.
  • id - The ID of the product.
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