Trigger fullscreen view of the slider

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Switch the fullscreen state

It changes the current state of the slider. If the slider is not in fullscreen mode, the code will place it there. If it's already in fullscreen mode, the code will switch the slider back to the normal state.

Switch to fullscreen

It changes the slider to fullscreen. If it's already in full screen state, the code will not have any effect.

Exit from fullscreen

It makes the slider switch back to the "normal" state. If it's already in "normal" state (so not in fullscreen) the code will not have any effect.

The 2 in the sample codes is the slider id. You need to change it to yours. (E.g. if your slider ID is 13, use n2-ss-13.)

Example usage

Making the slider switch to the other state when the swtichsliderstate button is clicked:
jQuery("#swtichsliderstate").click(function(event) {
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