Disable layer animations

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To disable layer animations in your slider, you need to use this code:

this.disabled.layerAnimations = true;

what you can insert into the Slider settings → Developer → JavaScript callbacks of your slider. 

This code could help, if for example you want to support older browsers too, what we don't support and then you could create an "if" condition whether or not your layer animations should be turned off:

function browser_name(){
    /* your function to check if the given browser is used */

function browser_version(){
   /* your code to check what is the version number of the given browser */

if( browser_name() == 'Stone age browser' && browser_version() < 7 ){
   this.disabled.layerAnimations = true;

Other possible effects you can disable

There's a couple of other animations you can disable with JavaScript.

Disable the Text animation
this.disabled.layerSplitTextAnimations = true;
Disable the slide background animation
this.disabled.backgroundAnimations = true;
Disable the Ken Burns effect
this.disabled.postBackgroundAnimations = true;

Disable all effects

You can also disable all effects together:
this.disabled = {
    layerAnimations: true,
    layerSplitTextAnimations: true,
    backgroundAnimations: true,
    postBackgroundAnimations: true
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