Google Pagespeed Insights

You might have an issue, that you have Smart Slider on your website, go to Google Pagespeed Insights and see, that you have a really low score. What you should know about Google Pagespeed Insights is that your score does not matter. It is a really bad test, which only confuses users. Let's take a look at why:

Google Pagespeed Insights won't look at the loading speed of your website

You might think as it has "pagespeed" in its name, it actually looks at the speed of your page, but it doesn't. You can see nonesense warnings, like "Remove unused JavaScript" which should save 25 seconds for you. Your website does not load for 25 seconds, you would have notice that without tests too.

Google does not uses this test

When Google crawls your site, it looks at the actual speed of your website. This Google Pagespeed Insights result doesn't matter in where you are getting into a Google search result.

Noone actually cares about this test

Go to Google Pagespeed Insights and just insert the url of Google Pagespeed Insights into the test. Currently it has 37 score, so it is within the lowest point section. Why would you care if they won't care about it either?

Let's take a look at some bigger website's current result:

Don't use Google Pagespeed Insights. You cannot get a good result in it, and it really doesn't even matter. You can see here how you can check out your website's speed, which actually matters. If you want to improve your website, make it faster and don't just try to pass tests.

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