How does resizing work in Smart Slider 3?

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Smart Slider 3's scaling was optimized to ensure that your content stays on the slide without being cropped.

Image slider

☝️ Note: If the layout is Full page then the slider width will scale up and down according to the width of the container, and the height will always be the same as the height of the viewport. E.g. a 1000x500px slider will have 375x667px size on a 375x667px mobile device.

The image sliders which have the Boxed and Full width layout scale down based on the set slider size.


The slider downscales with the ratio set by the set Slider size. E.g. the 1000x500px slider will be 300x150px inside a 300px wide container.


If the Limit slide width is turned on, then the set slider height will stay, but the width of the slider matches the width of the container. E.g. if the slider is 1000x500px, and it's inside a 1920px container, then it will have 1920x500px height.

If the Limit slide width is turned off, then the slider scales up width the ratio set by the slider size. E.g. a 1000x500px will have 1920x960px size inside a 1920px wide container.

Content slider

The basic up- and downscaling of the Content sliders matches the Image slider's. The main difference is, that when Default positioned layers are used, they can make the slider taller, even if that means changing the slider ratio.

For example, a 1000x500px slider would be 300x150px inside a 300px wide container. But if your content on at least one slide needs more space than 150px (for example, if you have many layers, or just a few but with long texts), then it will make the slider taller.

1000x500px slide on mobile without any layers 1000x500px slide on mobile with layers, which need more space

How to make the slider less tall on mobile? Learn the available causes in the Why is the slider so tall on mobile? article.

☝️ Note: Default positioned layers can increase the size of the sliders which have Full page layout, to ensure that all content you added to the slide is displayed.
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