Joomla module layer position doesn't work

⚠️ Warning: Please note, that we do not support this layer! We don't suggest using it, as it can have too many problems.
⚠️ Warning: Only those extensions can run within our module layer, which are being called in by the onContentPrepare Joomla given function. If a custom module works, but your extension's module doesn't, that means your extension is not compatible with our layer.

If you have a problem, that you are using the Joomla Module Layer to create a position into your slider, and this position doesn't work, try to figure out the issue by following this documentation.

Check if your module's settings are correct

1. In your left admin menu go to Content -> Site Modules -> select the module you want to appear within the created position.

2. Make sure your module uses the correct position name, and also make sure the module is published.

3. On its Menu Assignment tab make sure, that your module is assigned to the same page, where the slider appears. You could just choose "On all pages".

Check if your Smart Slider settings are correct

Go to the Global settings -> General, and make sure, that:

1. The Run Content Plugins On Sliders is turned on.
2. Within the Excluded Plugins you didn't selected Loadmodule, nor the extension's plugin, what you want to display within the slider.

Try to change the plugin order

1. Go to the left admin menu's System -> Plugins under Manage.

2. Filter out system plugins.

3. Press the little arrows to be able to reorder your plugins with the three dots before them.

4. Move Smart Slider 3 System Plugin to the beginning of the list. This is the order of how codes are running on your website, and it is possible, that you need to move our code before the other plugin's code. Check your website, to see if you fixed the problem.

It is also possible, that you need to move our code after the other plugin, so you could also try to move our plugin to the very bottom of the list.

Try to load a different module into the position

1. Go to the left admin menu -> Content -> Site Modules -> press + New, to create a new module.

2. Create a Custom module.3. Give it a Title and write "test" inside its text field.

4. Add your custom position to its placement, and also make sure the status is published.

5. On the Menu Assignment tab use On all pages for the Module Assignment.

6. Unpublish the other module, which did not load into this position.

7. Check your website's slider, if the new module loaded into it. If it did, then your original module probably wasn't developed in a way, that it would load into any position, only in those what Joomla natively offers. You could try to contact the module's developers and ask them if they are willing to improve their codes.

Turn off caching

Some templates and website code modifying extensions are stopping your website's codes before modules could load into extensions, while 'System Cache' is being used. So you should go to your Joomla left admin menu's System -> Global Configuration -> System -> make sure you have 'System Cache' turned off.

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