Building an animation

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an animation like this one:

Add an incoming animation

To add your very first incoming animation, go to the Layer window → Animation tab.

Select Fade from the Fade category. That's a Basic animation, which is rather easy to modify.

Setting an Offset

Our current animation only fades in. To make it actually move, use the Offset parameters.

To move the layer on the horizontal axis use Offset X. To move the layer on the vertical axis, use Offset Y. For our sample, we need the layer to have 400px X and Y offset.

Scaling the layer

To change the size of the layer during the animation, use the Scale setting.

Scale X affects the width of the layer. Scale Y affects its height.

For this effect, we need Scale X and Y to be 0.

Playing around with the Easing

There is one setting that worth mentioning here, which is the Easing. The default setting is Cubic out, but an animation like this might be smoother with a Linear setting.

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