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Getting Started


Everything you need to know before/after purchasing.

11 articles

Installation & Update

Learn how to get Smart Slider 3 up and running on your website!

6 articles

Activation & Licensing

Learn how to activate Smart Slider 3 on your domain

4 articles


Display Smart Slider 3 on your website.

36 articles


Learn the basics of Smart Slider 3 including: slider creation and editing.

13 articles



Get familiar with Smart Slider 3's interface.

9 articles

Slider Settings

Learn the basic slider configuration options, like: autoplay, layout, optimization.

24 articles

Layer Options

You can learn about all options you can reach from the layer window.

33 articles

Dynamic Slides

Create dynamic content from your post, articles and much more!

41 articles

Layer Animations & Events

Create trendy animations and bring action to your slides with events.

12 articles

Global Settings

Global settings that affect your whole Smart Slider 3 installation.

4 articles


Learn which tools are at your disposal to create stunning sliders.

7 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

In this category you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

20 articles


Useful codes for developers to extend the slider's functionality.

19 articles


Admin Area

Issues you can run into at the backend.

15 articles


Issues you can run into on the frontend. (Most common error cause: cache plugins.)

21 articles

Server errors

Common server errors you might see.

17 articles


Known browser issues.

9 articles


These problems are related to the configuration of the slider.

20 articles