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Account overview

After you have purchased one of our products, you will be able to download and manage your previous orders. Firstly please, Login to our site.

You will see the products you will be able to download from us in there, also some extra information.

Package name

You can find the name of the package you have here. If you hover over the ? sign, you'll be able to learn some extra information about your package.


You can download Smart Slider 3 Pro from here. Be sure to select the correct installer from the dropdown first!

Purchase History

You can find your purchase history here. If you have upgraded your package, you'll find all packages here, with the date of purchase.

If you have or had subscriptions too, you will see a list of them in here.


This is where you can download your invoices.

Active Install & Deactivation

You can learn how many domains you can activate Smart Slider 3 on and how many you've already activated. You can also learn if you've used up your yearly deactivation limit. The activated packages can be deactivated below.

Quick links

Here you can find some useful links to get started.

How can I upgrade my package?

You can't upgrade your package. If you want to have more licenses, purchase more Standard or Premium plan.

Where can I download the installers?

You can login to your account in here, where you will be able to download the installers available for you, check out the invoice and manage the subscriptions you have.

Why did my license expire?

Before June, 2016, Smart Slider 3's pricing followed the popular subscription model. Subscription model means that after the initial purchase, you need to pay a yearly fee in order to keep access to the updates and other premium services. If your package has expired, that can either happen because the automatic subscription was turned off at the purchase, or because you canceled the subscription later.

If you want to have an active license, you will have to make another purchase.

💡 Tip: If you're not sure when did you make your purchase, or what package do you have, visit your account, and hover over the info bubble next to the name of the package you had. It displays information about your license, such as the update and support period.

Requesting a refund automatically terminates your license and makes your package expired, and you receive a notification about it at the refunded package.

Why do I have to pay subscription fee?

You only have to pay for the package what you purchased.

If you have to pay a subscription fee then when you made your purchase, you purchased a subscription-based package. So the offer you had and accepted by making a purchase at the pricing table when you made your purchase is the only thing you have to pay. We change our pricing table from time to time, but that doesn't change the deal you already made and are paying for.

If in our current pricing table you can't see a subscription fee that doesn't mean you purchased that package.

If you want to see our pricing table and the available deals, when you made the purchase, you could do that for example here. You can also visit your Orders page and see the name of the package and the details of the deal.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in your download area after you logged in. Just click on the Cancel button at the package.

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