Fullwidth layout

You can find the Fullwidth layout at the Slider settings → Size tab.

Basic behavior

A Fullwidth slider fills the entire width of the browser, but not the entire height.


Min height

Prevents the slider from getting smaller than the set px value.

Force full width

Originally your slider can be only as wide as the container it is in, but with this option you can force it to go outside its containers, and make it as wide as your screen is. This option has limitations, so it won't work in every case, and you will have to put your slider into your template or theme.


The slider puts overflow-x: hidden on the body or the HTML tag of your site to avoid vertical scrollbars appearing during certain animations.

Adjust slider width to

You can specify the CSS selector of one of the slider's parent elements and the slider tries to have the width of this element instead of the browser window's.

Please note, that this feature only works on the frontend of your website, but not inside page builders!

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