Smart Slider 3 & WPBakery

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Publish using WPBakery Page Builder

To be able to Publish Smart Slider 3 correctly and use a slider in WPBakery, go to the post or page where you would like to use the slider, and add a new Text block:

After you opened this text block, you can either add the slider using the Smart Slider icon

or you can just paste the shortcode from out backend.

Possible errors when WPBakery Page Builder is used

Blank page when the WPBakery Page Builder is installed, and Smart Slider 3 is activated

An older version of Smart Slider had a conflict with WPBakery Page Builder. We put a fix into our installers, so update your slider, and the error will disappear.

Slider doesn't display - only the slider id and an image appears

If you can see this instead of your sliders:

That means you are using an older version of Visual Composer (probably 4.7.0) and that is causing a conflict because we made a Visual Composer module for the latest versions, just there were some core changes in Visual Composer's code, and these new codes are not compatible with the old ones.

The solution is to simply update your Visual Composer plugin, and the problem will be solved. If you would use some cache plugin, clear its cache!

Can I edit the slider using WPBakery Page Builder?

To edit your sliders or slides, you have to use our backend, you can't edit them using 3rd party plugins on the backend, or on the frontend.

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