Meteorite child theme

⚠️ Warning: To be able to follow the steps of this tutorial, you are required you to have coding knowledge. Regretfully we can't provide support for custom coding. If you can't achieve what you are looking for or if you're not sure how to follow the instructions, hire a developer. We are also unable to provide support for problems happening because of custom codes.

This documentation can help you replace the Meteorite theme homepage header image with our slider.

Go to the FTP of your website and create a child folder


Create a style.css file in this folder


and write this code in it:

Theme Name: Meteorite child theme
Template: Meteorite
@import url('../meteorite/style.css');
Copy the header.php file from meteorite into your folder

From: /wp-content/themes/meteorite/header.php

To: /wp-content/themes/meteorite-child-theme/header.php

Modify the code in the child theme's header.php file

Search for this part:


Replace it with our slider's php shortcode:

echo do_shortcode('[smartslider3 slider=1]');
Activate your child theme

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