All folder, file and database table created by Smart Slider

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Database tables (without prefix)

  • nextend2_image_storage
  • nextend2_section_storage
  • nextend2_smartslider3_generators
  • nextend2_smartslider3_sliders
  • nextend2_smartslider3_sliders_xref
  • nextend2_smartslider3_slides

Folders in WordPress

Location of the plugin's files:

  • Free: \wp-content\plugins\smart-slider-3\
  • Pro \wp-content\plugins\nextend-smart-slider3-pro\

Images folder (used when you import sliders, like a slider template): \wp-content\uploads\slider*\.

Folders in Joomla

Location of the plugin's files:

  • \administrator\components\com_smartslider3\
  • \components\com_smartslider3\
  • \libraries\smartslider3\
  • \modules\mod_smartslider3\
  • \plugins\system\smartslider3\

Extensions at Extensions → Manage:

  • Smart Slider 3
  • Smart Slider 3 Library
  • Smart Slider 3 Module
  • Smart Slider 3 System Plugin
  • Smart Slider 3 Updater Plugin
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