Using the URL for slide switching

At Slider settings → General of your slider you can set a slider alias, which you can use for navigation.

  1. Turn on the Use as anchor feature. This creates an element with an ID right before the slider to let #alias anchor links point to this slider.
  2. Turn on Switch slide
  3. Publish your slider

You'll be able to go to your slider's second slide using a link that points to the page where the slider published, like this:, where alias is the alias you set for your slider and the 2 is the second slide within that slider.

Example with a WordPress menuitem:

or with a HTML code:

<a href="">Go to 2nd slide</a>

If your link is on the same page as the slider is, then you do not need to write out the whole url, but it is enough to just use the anchor part:

<a href="#alias-2">Go to 2nd slide</a>


On this video you can see on the same page how a slider links to another slider and its slides:

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