Can I use shortcodes/modules in the slides?

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⚠️ Warning: We do not support inserting shortcodes or modules into sliders!

Can I use shortcodes in the slider?

☝️ Note WordPress only changes shortcodes on the frontend, so you won't see the result in your slide editing area or the preview.

Yes you can put shortcodes into any the text or HTML Pro layer, but we don't support and don't suggest it, because it probably won't look correct. The CSS codes of our slider was made to affect everything inside the slides, every text, image, etc. and if your shortcode's CSS code isn't strong enough to overwrite them, then our CSS code will be applied to them, and you will only be able to make it correct, if you are a developer and write your own code to modify it.

You should try this in the free version before purchase.

Can I use modules in the slider? Joomla

You can use the module layer Pro, but we only suggest using this layer if you're a developer, because 3rd party module often need customizations to make them look good, and we're unable to provide support for that.

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