Can I use Smart Slider as a grid gallery?

Smart Slider isn't really good for creating image grids or galleries, so we don't suggest using it for this purpose. You should rather look around at Wordpress gallery plugins or Joomla extensions.

If you really want to use Smart Slider anyway, you could use row/col elements, where you can duplicate columns to have more. And just insert image or image area layers inside them. In the Pro version you can use the 'Link' of these layers to create Lightbox for them.

The downside of using Smart Slider for grids/galleries:

  1. You have to do the entire design manually, while gallery/grid plugins would automatically have the layout you are looking for.
  2. Your layout is strict: 
    1. If you want to add 1 image, you can only add it to the very end. Unless if you move your currently first image to the very end, or if you move all your images one-by-one. 
    2. If you want to remove one image from the middle, you will be left with an empty space. You would need to move one image there or you would need to move all your images one-by-one here too.

    this wouldn't happen with grid/gallery plugins, as they are managing the order automatically.

  3. If you use Smart Slider Free, you cannot use lightboxes. Grid/gallery plugins offer lightbox in their free versions as well.

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