Social sharing related questions

Please note, that we do not support theme modifications, nor 3rd party plugins! The suggestions of this documentations are just pointers about where you should start looking at instead of our slider.

Does Smart Slider have any social sharing option?

No, there are no social sharing features in Smart Slider.

But you can use a website like this, to generate share links which could be used at any link option of Smart Slider.

Can you define what image or description will be displayed on Facebook, Twitter or on any social provider, when you share a page?

No, we don't have an option like this. 

Your website's OG meta datas define what image and text will be used at Facebook and Twitter. When these meta datas are not set, Facebook and Twitter will just use the first image and text, what it finds acceptable. That is why often our image shows up on socially shared pages, as sliders are commonly used on top of websites.

Meta html tags can be written into your theme, or SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO can create them as well.

Can you define which image will be displayed on Google?

No, we don't have an option like this. markup has to be used to indicate it for Google what image you would like to see. The reason why you might see a slider's image appearing is, that Google just picks an optimized, good ranking image from your website, when the markup image is not set.

A markup can be written into your theme, or SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO can create it as well.

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