Allow SVG images to be uploaded

SVG images can contain harmful codes, and because of that, WordPress and Joomla by default doesn't allows them to be uploaded. But if for example only you have image uploading access to your own website, then your own SVG images can be perfectly safe. Here is how you can enable SVG uploading on your website:


There are two ways of enabling SVG support for WordPress websites:

  1. Use a plugin like SVG Support. Just by installing this plugin, SVG support will be enabled.
  2. Use custom codes. The wp_get_mime_types function contains the list of allowed mime types. This function provides a filter that allows you to modify its list. But please note, that we don't support custom coding!


Go to your Joomla admin menu: System -> Global Configuration (under Setup) -> Media (in the left list)

There you should either add this to "Legal MIME Types":


as you see here, with a comma:

or if you don't want any kind of restrictions, turn off "Restrict Uploads":

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