Does Smart Slider 3 support RTL direction?

Yes, it does. You can try it out in our Try site, and if you are using WordPress, you can try this out with the free version too.

Does Smart Slider 3 work with my theme/template?

Our slider works with any theme or template, which doesn't have major coding problems it. If you made a custom theme/template, make sure, that you have all the necessary codes, which are used by Joomla and WordPress to call in everything:

Also, double check that your site's HTML structure is correct. The page needs to start with a doctype declaration <!DOCTYPE html> and must only contain one opening and closing tag of the following: html, head, body.

Before purchasing, grab the free version from our site and see if it works fine. If it does then the pro will work fine as well.

If you have some problem, check out the troubleshooting, and if that won't help you figure it out either, then contact us!

Does Smart Slider 3 support multisite? WordPress

Yes it does! However, please note that the multisite installation works that way that the plugins are updated from the main site. So in order to update Smart Slider 3 on your site, you need to activate it on your Main site as well as on every individual site where you want to use it.

Is the Single Domain package enough for a multisite installation?

That depends on your setup. Our licensing is domain based, which means you can activate the slider on any installation of a given domain. So, if your subsites share the domain name, like they're subdomains (like and or subdirectories (like or then they're all on the domain and can be activated with a Single Domain license.

However, if your subsites have their own domain name, like your main site is and your subsites are and then these are all separate domains, which means one Single Domain package can't cover them.

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