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The activation essential to turn on the update indicator, and to be able to download the premium sample sliders.


Make sure the Pro version is installed before proceeding. The easiest way to verify which version you are using if you open the Info Popup on your Dashboard, which writes your currently installed Smart Slider 3 version and whether the free or pro version was installed. If you have the free version installed, update it to the Pro version.

Activating Smart Slider 3 Pro

⚠️ Warning: The activation is not supported in Microsoft Edge, please use another browser!
☝️ Note: The activation can only be done using Smart Slider 3.3.9 or newer versions! If you use an older version, update.

You can activate Smart Slider 3 Pro as you can see on the video. You'll also find written instructions below.

Activation box

Once you have the Pro version installed, go to the Dashboard of Smart Slider and find the activation box, then click on the Activate button.

Popup - Login

After clicking on the Activate button, a popup window will appear where you need to login with your credentials.

Login pop-up window

☝️ Note: Make sure you log into the account that's connected to your Smart Slider purchase.
Select your package

Right after a successful authentication, you must select the package you wish to activate on your site. Then click on the Activate button.

Pop-up Activation

Common issues

I can't see the Activation box

This problem can happen for two very common reason.

  1. You have the free version installed. Check the version number of your Smart Slider 3 at the Info Popup on the Dashboard. You'll see the exact version number and whether it's the pro or free version.

    Solution: Replace your free version with the Pro one like this

  2. You have an old Smart Slider 3 Pro version, which was not activated yet.

    Solution: do an alternative update.

I can't see any packages after logging in at the pop-up window

You probably logged in with another account from what you used for your purchase. Please check your other email addresses to figure out which one is connected to your order! If you are sure you logged in the correct account please get in touch with us by clicking the Contact us link appearing in the pop-up window as you see here:

Account has no order

I can't see an activate button at my account

It is happening, because you purchased a package with limited domain usage, and they were used up.


Clicking on the activate tab opens the same page in a new tab

This error usually happens because of a JavaScript error. Look for errors and try to identify the plugin/extension that's causing them. If the URL where the error is coming from gives any clue, temporarily disable the plugin/extension and try again.

If you see the following error message: _N2.License is not a constructor this usually happens because of a browser caching. Try doing a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5 on Windows, CMD+Shift+R on Mac) or try a different browser for the activation.

I don't own a Smart Slider 3 Pro package or it's expired

If you haven't purchased, or your package has expired (for example, because you asked and received a refund), you can get a new license with a new purchase. If you already have a new package, you should activate your Smart Slider 3 Pro again.

Where is my license key? (older versions)

We have changed our licensing process a while ago and it won't require license keys anymore, that is why they were removed from our website. If you have an older version where you haven't added a key yet, you should follow the alternative updating:

If you have a new version, just follow the activation process.

Domain is activated, yet I receive "license is not registered on the current domain" error

If you receive an error message like this:
Update failed: Smart Slider 3 Pro license is not registered on the current domain.

but checking your account shows your domain at the license, then the problem will be that our license system changed a while ago and older activations might not work properly with it anymore. You should reactivate your domain and it should be fine!

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