Special Showcase slider

☝️ Note: This tutorial is for Smart Slider 3 Pro version only!

This slider is great for your portfolio.

Creating the slider

First you should create a new Showcase slider. At this point, the slider size doesn't really matter.

Once your slider is done, you should add a couple of slides.

Creating a static slide

Our layout needs a png image with a laptop on it. I'll use this image, you can use something else. What matters for this second step is the actual size of the image. The image I'm using is 1025x576px. So before I could create my static slide, I'll need to change the size of my slider to be 1025x576px. The slider size can be changed at the Slider settings → Size tab.

Once the slider and image sizes match, create a new static slide. Add an absolute image layer and make it 1025x576px.

Setting the slide size

This step is a bit more complex than the previous ones. You'll need to figure out the slide size by looking at the "empty" area of the laptop's monitor. For the laptop image I'm using 720x490px size is good, but this varies depending on the image you are using.

Once you have the correct image size, change the slide size at the Slider settings → Size tab.

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