Slider Settings Page

The Slider settings page can be reached by clicking on a slider at the Dashboard or at a Slider group page.

Breadcrumb navigation

With the Breadcrumb navigation you can easily go back to the Dashboard from the slider you're currently editing.

Add Slide

This is where you can add new slides to your slider.

Available slide types

  • Image: You can add one or more new image slide to your slider.
  • Blank: You can create a Blank slide where you can create your own content.
  • Post: You can add a WordPress Post or Joomla Article. The content is loaded statically, so it won't change if you adjust the source.
  • Static overlay: You can add a static overlay to your slider. A Static overlay is like a Blank slide, but it appears above all other slides of your slider. You can use any layers there, for instance, to create a title for the slider.
  • Dynamic Slides: You can create a slide from your selected dynamic source.
Slide List

Here you can find the list of your previously added slides. Click on the slide to go to the Slide editor.

You can also change the slide order here, by simply drag'n'dropping the slide to the correct place.

Hovered slide

When you hover over a slide there additional options become available.

Bulk slide actions

  • Duplicate: Duplicates all selected slides. The copies will be created in the current slider.
  • Copy: You can copy all selected slides to another slider.
  • Delete: You can delete all selected slides from the slider.
  • Publish: You can publish all selected slides.
  • Unpublish: You can unpublish all selected slides. Unpublished slides will not be shown in the preview or frontend.
  • Select all: Select all slides in the slider.
  • Select none: Removes the selection from all slides.
  • Select Published: Selects all published slides.
  • Select Unpublished Selects all unpublished slides.
Slide menu

☝️ Note: You can also access the Slide menu by right clicking on the slides.

  • Duplicate: You can duplicate the slide. The copy will be created in the current slider.
  • Copy: You can copy the slide to another slider.
  • Publish/Unpublish: You can change the published status of the slide. Unpublished slides will not be shown in the preview or frontend.
  • Edit Generator: If your slide is a Dynamic slide you can go to its configuration page.
☝️ Note:

The Edit Generator option is only visible for dynamic slides! You can easily distinguish dynamic slides from non-dynamic slides by the gray label above the slide name.

Dynamic slide (right) and non-dynamic slide (left). In this case the dynamic slide uses the WordPress Post by filter generator.

  • Set as first: By default the slider starts at the slide which is at the first position. With this option you can make the slider start at another slide, even if it's not at the first position.
  • Delete: You can delete the slide.
Unpublished slide

Unpublished slides have lower opacity, and a grey x icon at their right bottom. You can unpublish a slide by clicking on the publish icon, or by selecting it from the contextual menu.

Top bar

The Top bar has useful options for your slider creation.

  • Preview You can preview your slider in the current settings. The Preview does not require saving, unless its opened in a new page.
  • Back You can go back to the previous level. In the Slider settings page this means the Dashboard.
  • Save You can save your changes in the slider.
Slider name & ID

You can find the slider name and ID here.

Slider setting tabs

There are the options which you can use to configure your slider to your liking. Learn more about the options at the Slider settings documentation.

Slider Actions

Click on the Actions button to see the Slider Actions.

  • Change Slider Type: This is where you can change your slider type.
  • Clear Slider Cache: Clears the slider's cache, which can be useful at generators. Saving the slider clears the cache automatically.
  • Export Slider as HTML: You can export your slider as static HTML, CSS and JS to include it to standalone sites.

⚠️ Warning: You need a developer's knowledge to be able to use the slider outside WordPress and Joomla! We're not able to provide any kind of support for this usage.

  • Export: You can export your slider as .ss3 file, which you can use to import it to another Smart Slider 3 installation.
  • Duplicate Slider: You can duplicate your whole slider.
  • Move to Trash: You can move the group to Trash for deletion.

Change Slider Type

⚠️ Warning: Changing slider type is irreversible. After changing your slider type, you will lose all slider type related settings. Duplicate your slider, if you would like to have a backup before this action.

You can change your slider type by clicking on Slider Actions → Change Slider Type.

Select the new slider type you want to have and hit Convert.


Preview Settings

Here you can fine-tune your preview.

  • Browser width: The width of the browser you want to see the slider on.
  • Browser height: The height of the browser you want to see the slider on.
  • Scale: You can scale the preview. If you select a device that has higher width or height than what can fit into the preview window, the system automatically scales it down.
  • Toggle orientation: You can rotate the browser where the slider is, to check it on a different orientation.
  • Reload preview: You can refresh the slider, to see the layer animations on mobile.
  • Open preview in full: You can open the preview in a new tab.
  • Close: Closes the preview popup.
Device selector

You can check your slider on a predefined device size, like tablet or mobile.

State checker

You can check the current state of the slider, and why is it in that state. This can help you fine-tune your Breakpoints.

Slider area

This is where you can see how your slider looks.

Width adjuster

You can adjust the width of the slider area here.

Height adjuster

You can adjust the height of the slider area here.

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