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Use protocol-relative URL

This option is replacing the http:// and https:// in the image URLs to //, which will make the links relative to your website's protocol, and this way your http images won't be blocked in your https address. But this will only replace our codes, so if you have manually written http:// image URLs into your slides, and you have problems on your https:// website, then use the translate url option, or replace those links manually!

Header Preload

If the slider is an important part of your site, tell the browser to preload its CSS and JS files.

☝️ Note: We don't recommend enabling the Header Preload option, if you're using some kind of 3rd party plugin that combines CSS files. In that case the preload URL will make the slider's codes load their separate file and it can negatively affect your speed test score.
English UI

Keeps Smart Slider 3's backend in English even if the WordPress or Joomla language is not English.

Improved frontend accessibility

It relates to the WCAG. WCAG states that all element must be in focus until their focus is changed by the user (by focusing on other element of the website). When this setting is enabled, the slider comply with this.

Show Joomla admin footer Joomla

Shows the Joomla admin footer at the slider and slide editor.


Script attributes

If you need to add some custom attributes to our JavaScript files, like the nodefer, you can put it here.

Accepted values:

  • Simple attribute: e.g. nodefer
  • Attribute and value attribute=value, attribute="value", attribute='value'
Slider's inline JavaScript Joomla

Defines where the inline JavaScript codes show up in the HTML code.

  • Head: puts the inline JavaScript codes into the HTML head section.
  • Into the slider: puts the inline JavaScript codes into the HTML body section, directly to there where the HTML codes of the slider show up.


Async non-primary CSS

Google Fonts, icon and lightbox CSS are loaded in a non-blocking way. Disable if you see missing icons, fonts or styles.

Load Font Awesome 4 Pro

If you are loading Font Awesome on your site, you can disable this switch to avoid having to load the library twice.

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