Global Settings - General

You can reach the Global Settings from the Header bar on both the Dashboard and the Slider settings page.

General Settings

Automatic update check

You can decide whether you would like to get a notification on the updates or not. The updates will be checked once a week, and the notification will be shown until the update is done.

Alternative Save Slide

If you experience problems during the save this option might solve them.

Preview in new window

Whether or not your slider's preview should be opened up in a new window, or in your editor. Even if you turn this option off, you can open up your slider's preview on a new page by clicking on the Preview button using your mouse scroller.

Lightbox Videos In New Tab On Mobile Pro

Mobile phones often disable autoplaying videos which have sound, which causes unplayable videos. To avoid such problems we open these videos using the phone's YouTube app by default.

Disabling this option will force all videos to load in the lightbox even on mobile. (It might result not being able to play the video.)

YouTube And Vimeo Privacy Enhanced Mode

Enables YouTube's and Vimeo's Privacy enhanced mode, which means Vimeo videos won't use cookies and Youtube videos are loaded from

☝️ Note: YouTube still has come cookies, even when the domain is used. The only difference is that Youtube won't use user viewing behavior tracking cookies. See their official documentation under Manage video embedding options.

Smooth scroll speed

You can change the speed of the scroll to feature. This value is used for every slider you create.

⚠️ Warning: The Smooth scroll speed has no effect if your theme (or another plugin) adds scroll-behavior: smooth; to the html tag of the page.

Editor - additional CSS files

You can call in your css files into our admin area to load codes, which are only loading in the frontend of your website, but you want to see them in our editor too. The file incalling looks like this:

<link rel='stylesheet' href='[YOUR URL]' type='text/css' media='all' />

so give the whole url pointing to your css file.

WordPress settings

Show editor icon WordPress

In WordPress you can choose if you want to show the Smart Slider icon at your posts and pages if your are using the Classic Editor or Classic Block.

Show in admin bar WordPress

In WordPress you can choose if you want to show the Smart Slider menuitem on your top admin menu.

YOAST SEO sitemap - Add images WordPress

Adds the images to Yoast SEO's sitemap

Create widget area WordPress

Automatically creates the specified amount of widget areas to provide an easy way to publish the slider.

Use Iframe In AJAX Calls WordPress

This feature tries to identify when a page is called via AJAX and loads Smart Slider 3 from an iframe instead. While we don't really support Smart Slider 3 in AJAX environment this feature should work in most cases.

Alternatively, you could try to force the slider to load inside an iFrame by adding the iframe parameter to the shortcode.

Joomla settings

Force Joomla RTL backend - Joomla

You can change Smart Slider 3's backend to RTL.

Run content plugins on sliders - Joomla

You can exclude certain plugins from running their codes on the slider. This can be useful to prevent plugin conflicts.


Breakpoints define the browser width in pixel when the slider switches to a different device. At each slider you can override the global breakpoints with local values.

Focus Offset

You can use jQuery selectors to modify where the Scroll to slider feature scrolls to. This way when you are scrolled to the slider, you can be scrolled lower if you have for example a floating menu. This will also reduce the height of the Fullpage slider type, unless the Decrease slider height will be changed to use local selectors.

Translate Url

If you developed the site in another domain, you can change the image URLs from the old, developer site to the new, live site. For example: The URLs are only changed at the frontend, so at the backend you'll still see the old URLs.

Translate url From value Translate url To value
// //
Image urls
URL at the Frontend
URL on the Backend

Clear cache

You can refresh all of your sliders' caches with this button.

Our Smart Slider's cache is working a way, that when you save on the backend, the slider's cache will be refreshed, and it won't refresh automatically, so it will be used for as long as you won't modify the slider in the backend again. There are two kind of caches, one is the file cache, which I just described, and for the dynamic slide generators there is also a content cache, which is the cache of the texts and images of your sliders. Those caches will be refreshed automatically after the given Cache expiration time. You can manually refresh both caches of all sliders in here.

Our backend is working from cache too, so if you are a developer, who modified our code, you should press this Clear cache button to see your changes.

Clear cache options

Delete resized image cache

You can delete images the slider generated, for example to serve WebP images for the sliders. The images will be permanently deleted from the given path! The WebP and resized images the slider needs will be regenerated when the slider loads again on the frontend.

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