Slider settings - Slides

The Slides tab is located at the Slider settings page.

Slides Design

Slide background image fill

The fill mode decides how your images cover the slide.

  • Fill: The image will cover your slide, even if it means it needs to crop the image.
  • Blut Fit: The image will never be cropped, and when the slider and image aspect ratio differ it shows a zoomed, blurred version of the image in the background.
  • Fit: The image will never be cropped, but will leave empty spaces when the slider and image aspect ratio differ.
  • Stretch: Your image will be stretched out to cover the whole slide, so if it's ratio is very different from the slider's size, it will be kind of distorted.
  • Center: Your image will be on your slide in the center, with its original size. This mode is not responsive.
  • Tile: Your image will have its original size, and it will be repeated to cover the whole slide.

Here's a video example, where you can see how each fill mode behaves when the slider size is 1200x500px when this image (from Pixabay) is used as the slide background image. Each slide but the tile uses the 1280x720px image size. The tile slide uses the 640x360px version of the image.

Randomize Pro

⚠️ Warning: This section is not available at Block type.

With this option, you can randomize your slides.

Randomize first

You can randomize the first slide, which means the starting slide might not always be in the first position of the slider.

Cache support

Creates a real randomization.

Cache variations

The amount of randomized sliders will change each other.

Other Pro


Your slides are loading in order, like 1,2,3,4,5. You can reverse this order to rather get 5,4,3,2,1.

Max count

You can set the maximum slide number, which means, that you can have a lot of slides, randomize them, and show only a number of them together, and the next refreshing would show other random slides. This way your slider wouldn't have much slides, so it would load faster, and it would be diverse.

Maintain session

If you want your slider to continue playing from the same slide before and after the user goes to a new page, turn this option on.

Backgrounds in lightbox
⚠️ Warning: This section is not available at Block type. You must have a slide background image in all your slides, otherwise, it will not work.

This option will automatically create a lightbox for every background image in your slider, which you can go through easily. When an image is switched in the ligthbox, it will switch the slides too.

  • No: Just the images are displayed, without any caption.
  • Only slide name: Uses the Slide title as caption.
  • Slide name and description: Uses both the Slide title and Description as caption.

Background parallax

This option enables the parallax effect on the slide background images.


Sets the parallax strength, which decides how much the effect moves the image.


Enables/disables the effect on tablet.


Enables/disables the effect on mobile.

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