You can find the Row in the Slide Editor.


Learn more about Rows in the Rows and Columns video.


This is where you can add columns and adjust their width. You can also change the col order here. Clicking on any column will open up its layer window.

Adding a new column

To add a new column, simply press the Add column button

Changing column width

Use the width separator to adjust the column width

Changing column order

Drag'n'drop your column to the right place if you want to see them somewhere else

☝️ Note: You can change the column order device specifically.


Inner Align

The default aliment of the content inside the Row.

  • Inherit: Inherits the align from the parent. By default this means left alignment.
  • Left: Aligns the layers to the left.
  • Center: Aligns the layers to the center.
  • Right: Aligns the layers to the right.

This is the distance between the columns.

Wrap After

The columns will wrap after a specified amount of columns. It can create a 2x2 mobile layout from a 4 column wide desktop row.

Full width

When turned on, the row fully takes up the available width inside its container. Otherwise, it tries to be as wide as its content needs it to be.


When turned on, the row stretches all the way up and down to fill the available vertical space.



You can use this option to put a link on the row. Learn more about the link tool.

Target window

Specifies where to open the linked document.

Aria label

The aria-label attribute, which screen readers can use to introduce the link.


Background image

The background image of the row.


Background color

Here you can set a background color for the Row. You use the color to create an overlay for the Background image.

The background color can be adjusted for Normal and Hover state.

  • Background color: The background color of the row.
  • Gradient: You can create a gradient color with this option.
  • Color end: The finishing color for the gradient.
Box shadow

You can put a box shadow around the Row.



You can put border around the Row.

  • Border: The width of the border.
  • Style: The style of the border. Available options: Solid, Dashed, Dotted
  • Color: The color of the border.
Border radius

You can round the Row's edges.



You can put padding around the Row to create a nice distance from the slide edges.


Learn about the responsive options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the effect options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the Position options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the Size options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn more about the advanced options at the Layer Style documentation.


Learn about the animations at the Animation documentation.

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