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Where to find the Slide Editor?

You can reach the Slide editor by clicking on a slide at the Slider settings page by clicking on the slide you want to edit.

Slide Editor interface

Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation helps reaching the Dashboard or going back to the Slider Settings page. Clicking on the Slides item you can switch to a different slide of the slider, or add new slides.

☝️ Note: If you are editing a dynamic slide generator the last item in the Breadcrumb navigation is the Generator, which takes you to the generator configuration page.

Top Menu

Available options:

  • Preview: You can preview your slide with the current settings. The Preview does not require saving, unless its opened in a new page.
  • Device Selector: You can use this tool to switch your editor to different devices and check how the slide will look on them using the Resizer.
  • Undo: You can undo your changes.
  • Redo: You can redo your changes.
  • Static Save: Available only when you're in a dynamic slide generator. You can save the result as a non-dynamic slide, so it will no longer be connected to the original source..
  • Back: You can go back to the previous level. In the Slide Editor page this means the Slider Settings page.
  • Save: You can save your changes in the slide.
Add Layer

This is where you can add your layers. You can also reach the Slide Library from here.


This is where your layers can be placed. You can learn more about the editing at the tutorial videos.

Layer Window

The layer window allows you to configure your layers and Slide background.This is where you can reach the Layer List.

Editor Settings

Here you can find the Keyboard Shortcuts and configure the guide settings.

Play animations

If you have layer animations, you can play them by clicking on these buttons.


You can check and edit the layer animations here.

Add Layer

You can add new layers to your slide from the Add Panel. See how it works from the video below.

Slide Library

The Slide Library is the place where you can load pre-made slides to your currently edited slide. Find it at the Add Panel.

☝️ Note: If you're using the Pro version, the Slide Library is only available after Smart Slider 3 was activated on your site.

Layer menu

When you have a layer selected, you can reach additional options in the Layer menu, which is next to the layer's label. Also, when you're in tablet or mobile view, you can adjust the font size device specifically from here.

Font resizer on the Responsive bar in Tablet view

On the video below you can see how to access the Layer menu and the Responsive bar.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find the list of shortcuts at the Editor Settings .


Action Hotkey
Content tab Q
Style tab W
Animation tab E
Add Layer A
Layer List S
Timeline D


Action Hotkey
Preview CTRL + 1
Desktop CTRL + 2
Tablet CTRL + 3
Mobile CTRL + 4


Action Hotkey
Move (Absolute) Arrows
Align (Absolute) Numeric keys (One press: align, doubple press: align and position)


These shortcuts help you work faster on your slides.

Action Hotkey
Delete del
Duplicate ctrl + d
Copy ctrl + c
Paste ctrl + v
Undo ctrl + z
Redo ctrl + shift + z
Save ctrl + s
Play animations space

Clear device specific settings

With these options you can clear your layer(s) device specific settings.

Action Hotkey
Current layer, current device shift + e
Current layer, all devices shift + alt + e
All layers, current device shift + r
All layers, all devices shift + alt + r

Frequently asked questions

How to duplicate a layer?

You can duplicate a layer in several ways:

  1. Select the layer and hit CTRL+D on Windows and CMD+D on Mac.
  2. Right click on the layer and choose Duplicate
  3. Open the Layer menu and choose Duplicate
  4. Open the Layer List, right click on the layer you want to duplicate and choose Duplicate.
How to copy a layer?

Follow either of these steps.

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