Layer List

The Layer list is where you can find all layers you have added to your slide. It's available in the Slide Editor, after you select any layer.


Layer List button

This is the button you can use to open/close the layer list.


Active layer

The active Default layer is marked with a blue color. The active Absolute layer is marked with purple.


Absolute layer badge

Absolute layers are marked with a purple A badge. When selected, the full layer has a purple color.


Layer Menu

You can manage your layer from the Layer menu. Access it by right clicking on the layer, or left clicking the ... button.

Available options:

  • Parent: You can select the layer's parent layer.
  • Duplicate: You can duplicate the layer. (Hotkey: CTRL+D or CMD+D)
  • Hide on: You can hide the layer on different devices.
  • Copy: You can copy the layer. (Hotkey: CTRL+C or CMD+C) If you have a layer animation on your layer, you can copy it here, too.
  • Paste: You can paste layers inside (if it's a Col or the Content layer) or next to the current layer. (Hotkey: CTRL+V or CMD+V)
  • Delete: You can delete the layer. The Slide and the Content layer are not deletable! (Hotkey: Del)
☝️ Note: You can copy layers from one slider to another, as long as both sliders are on the same website.

Close tree icon

Rows and columns can be opened/closed to make the editing easier. The down arrow indicates an opened tree. You can click on it to close it and hide the layers from the layer list.


Rename icon

You can rename your layer to give it a more meaningful name.


Hidden layer

The layer with the crossed eye icon is hidden from the editor. It'll still show up in the preview and frontend.


Show in editor icon

When you hover over a layer's icon in the Layer list an eye icon appears, what you can use to hide it from the editor.


Closed tree

The closed tree is indicated by an arrow pointing to the right. Click on it to open the tree.

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