Audio Layer

You can find the Audio layer in the Slide Editor.

☝️ Note: This layer is only available in the Pro version of Smart Slider 3.

iOS Safari won't load the audio layer's file, unless the Loading type of the slider is set to Instant.

You can use this layer to place an MP3 music to your slide.



MP3 Audio

The path to the MP3 file. You can browse one from your server or use an external file by pasting its URL.

Main Color

The main color of the audio control bar.

Secondary Color

The secondary color of the audio control bar.

Audio Settings


If you turn this on, your video will start playing when you go to its slide, and it will stop when you go to another.

⚠️ Warning: Browsers have severe restrictions against autoplaying sound. Learn the details.


With this option you can make your video start over when it's done.


The volume of your video.

Restart on Slide Change

If it's turned off, and you switch away from your audio, it will only pause, but if you turn this on, it will reset the video to 0 sec.


Full Width

Displays the audio player in full width.


Shows the controls of the audio player.


Shows the progress bar of the audio player.


Shows the time of the audio player.


Shows the volume control of the audio player.

💡 Note: On iOS devices, the audio level is always under the user’s physical control. This means that the audio layer's volume option can't be used to adjust the sound on iOS so it's hidden there starting from

Icon Size

You can change the size of the icons ( Volume and Controls ).



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