HTML Control

☝️ Note: This control is only available in the Pro version!

You can find this control at Slider settings → Controls tab.

You can write your own HTML code, which will appear over your slider, and you can position it.

☝️ Note: You can also make your slides show up over your slider and stay there, just like this HTML control with the create static slide option, and with our slide editor you can create your HTML idea more easily, also since that is handled by our code, it will be responsive.
⚠️ Warning: You can't put PHP code into our backend. You should either just link to a PHP file, where you could do what you want, and redirect back, or if you know more advanced code developing, you could use AJAX, too.
  • Stack - The order of the controls, which you put into the same position.
  • Offset - This is how far your HTML code will be from the selected position. If you change to Advanced mode, you can specify the position, and here you will be able to use our control variables too.

You can write any HTML code here.

Shows on hover

This option will make your HTML control only appear on desktop screen, when you hover your cursor over the slider. On tablet and mobile screen they will always be seen.

Hide on

You can make your HTML control invisible on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile view.

Hide on slides

You can hide your HTML control on specific slides separated by commas. Use the slide index (1 = first slide) instead of the slide ID.

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