What is the Static Overlay?

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The Static Overlay is a special kind of slide that's above every other slide in your slider, without switching away. You can use it to create static layers for your slider.

For example, on the Full Width Slider template the small image shapes are on a Static Overlay. The content slides are regular slides. On the Static Slider template the textual layers are on a Static overlay and the images are simple image slides.

In the Slide List the Static Overlay is marked with a Static Overlay badge.

How to create a Static Overlay?

Go to the Slider settings, click on Add Slide and select Static Overlay.

Why can't I edit layers on my slide?

Symptoms: Hovering on the slide makes the layers disappear.

Layers can only be edited on the slide where they were added. If you have a Static Overlay and your content is on this slide, you can only edit the layers there. Check if you have a Static overlay in your slider and go to the Slide Editor there to edit your layers.

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