Layer animation example

☝️ Note: This tutorial is for Smart Slider 3 Pro version only!

You can give incoming, looping and outgoing animations to your layers. You can either choose from the ones created by us or you can create your very own animation. You will be able to manage these in the Timeline, so you can schedule them easily. Check out how the animations work!


Put down a Heading layer into one of your slides, then go to it's Animation tab, and choose to give an IN animation.
The first layer animation setting will be 400px offset in the X position, which will put the layer's first position into 400px to the left, and let's call it left.

Add a new animation step by clicking on the Add keyframe button. Now give 100px to the Y offset, which will put your layers 2nd position in the top, so I will call this top.

But I don't really want this to go that way, rather to only go vertically and horizontally, so I will give a new animation step, drag 'n' drop it between the two other positions, and put it into the top left by giving the other two positions to it, 400px X and 100px Y offset.

So just imagine it as a coordinate system, where your layer will be the origo, and every animation step will be positioned from that point.
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