The Timeline is available in the Pro version.

The Layer list is where you can manage your layer animations. It's available in the Slide Editor and you can open it by clicking on the Timeline icon at the bottom.

Close icon

This is the button you can use to close the timeline.

Time pin

While your animations are playing, this pin icon shows the current keyframe that's playing.


This is where you can align your layer animations to a given time in milliseconds. You can find each second labeled to make the adjusting easier.

Remove Animations

Clicking on this "lightning" icon will remove all layer animations from the current layer.

Add Animation

Clicking on this icon will open the Layer List at the Animations tab so you can add animations.

Animation delay

This is the time that needs to pass before the animation can start.

Incoming animations

Incoming animations are marked with blue color on the Timeline. The number on the bar is the duration of the animation.

Outgoing animations

Outgoing animations are marked with gray color on the Timeline. The number on the bar is the duration of the animation.

Loop animations

Loop animations are marked with green color on the Timeline.

Special animations

Text and other special animations appear on the timeline with a gray color.

Contextual menu

You can manage your layers from the Contextual menu. It appears when you right click on a layer on your Timeline.

If you have a layer animation on your layer, you can copy it,

and paste that animation on other layers.

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