Smart Slider 3 on multilanguage sites

Does Smart Slider work with multilanguage plugins?

Yes, but the language management happens from the translation plugin's side. Usually multi-language plugins work in two ways:

  1. you need to create the same post/page/article for every language, or
  2. you have one post/page where your content is, and they have a shortcode to change the language

To support these plugins, you should duplicate your slider and translate its texts. Then use your multi-language plugin's way to make the slider appear in your different language pages/posts/articles. So our slider doesn't have a translation option, but your translation plugin does!

TranslatePress - WordPress

Plugins like TranslatePress on the other hand allow you to translate your slider content, using a visual translation interface, directly from the front-end. No need to duplicate your slider anymore. TranslatePress lets you translate all your slider content (including text, images or buttons containing links), using a visual translation editor. 

However, all styling (like alignments or font settings) will remain the same. If you need different styling for different language sliders, you'll need to duplicate your slider and use a different slider for each language.

WPML + Post dynamic slide generator - WordPress

To set up a post generator with WordPress Multilingual Plugin, you need to create your post slider, while you are logging in your backend in the language on which you want your slider to be.

Also there is a limitation, that you can only put your language depending post generator sliders on a page, which has the given language! Because for example if you choose to show posts from German posts, on an English page the post generator only have access to the English posts, so the number of German posts will return zero, and you won't have any slides.

Polylang + Post dynamic slide generator - WordPress

Polylang assigns a custom taxonomy to the posts that helps it identify the post's language. So to use the post generator with a given language, choose the term matching your language at the Taxonomy filter.

Make sure you pay attention to the selected language term and pair it with the correct Categories, otherwise WordPress will not return any posts.

Multi-language shortcode - WordPress

You could also try using Smart Slider 3's multi-language shortcode to display the slider only on the given language's page. It will not change the content of the slider, only the place where it can display!

Smart Slider 3 and multilanguage extensions - Joomla

At your Content → Site Modules → modules, Joomla offers an option to select which languages you want your module to show up, so just duplicate your sliders, and put them into different language modules.

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