Public PHP API

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You can find Smart Slider 3's Public PHP API at Nextend/SmartSlider3/PublicApi/Project.php .

The methods you can find in our Public PHP API won't change and will remain available in future updates as well.

Importing a project

You can create your own sample slider importing page in your theme/template. You should create your sliders, export them and put all those .ss3 files somewhere into your website, for example via FTP.

⚠️ Warning: Be sure to use the path to the file on your server and not it's URL otherwise it won't work.


  • pathToFile: The path to the .ss3 file on your server.
  • groupID: The ID of the Slider Group you want the imported project to appear. Optional. If no ID is given the project will be added to the Dashboard.

Return value

The code returns the ID of the imported slider, if the import was successful. Otherwise it returns false.



Clearing the cache of a project

You can clear the cache of a project.


  • $projectID: The ID of the project where you want to clear the cache. In this example it will be 6.



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