Publishing on a non-WordPress & non-Joomla website

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To be able to follow the steps, you're required to have coding knowledge. If you're not a developer and can't achieve what you're looking for, consider hiring a developer.

Make sure to carefully follow the tutorial and write correct code. We're unable to provide help with custom coding, or the possible issues that are happening because of them.

You can use the Export Slider As HTML option to have your slider on any kind of website. You would only need WordPress or Joomla for the slider creation, but after that you can receive all the HTML codes, CSS, JS and image files you need, which could be inserted into different websites. But please note, that we do not support this kind of publishing, as we don't know the theme/template of your website. You will need developer knowledge to know how you can modify the theme/template of your website.

Step 1

Use the Export Slider As HTML option.

Step 2

Copy the  CSS, JS and image files into your server.

Step 3

Include the CSS and JS files, also the Google fonts and a script into your website's <head>...</head>, just as you see it in the index.html file.

Step 4

Paste the  html code of the slider, where you would like to have it, between the <body> ... </body> part of your website.


We have an older video about this, which was made with a previous Smart Slider version, but the process is the same, so you can check it out:

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