How to use Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin

When there is an error on your website, on the admin area or on the frontend of the website, you can use a plugin called Health Check & Troubleshooting to figure out which plugin or the theme causes the issues you are seeing. This plugin works that way, that it only turns off the theme and plugins for the current user, so your real website won't be affected by this test at all! This way you don't have to worry about turning off plugins, as they won't really be turned off on the live site, just for you.

On some websites sadly this plugin doesn't work, so in that case you need to do a plugin/theme conflict test which affects the live website too.

Step 1

Go to your Plugins list -> Add New -> install and activate Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.

Step 2

Go to your Plugins list -> click on Troubleshoot at Smart Slider 3 or at the plugin you want to test out while other plugins and your theme is not used.

Step 3

Now it is only Smart Slider 3, which is active on your website (for your user). Check out the action, for example saving slide, activating the license,  publishing a slider, which didn't worked for you to see if it works while only Smart Slider 3 is active with a default WordPress theme.

Step 4

If you confirmed, that Smart Slider 3 works just by itself, go to the Plugins list -> start to enable your plugins one-by-one with the troubleshooting. (You will only see this "Enable while troubleshooting" option at those plugins, which are active on your live website.)

Step 5

If you went through all your plugins, turn off troubleshooting mode from the top admin bar.

Step 6

Now you will be back on your live site's configuration. If you found the plugin causing the error, go to your Plugins list and Deactivate that plugin. If this plugin is important for you, try to contact its developers and ask them to resolve the problem you are seeing.

Step 7

If your problem didn't happen while all your plugins were activated, this means your theme causes the error. You should contact the theme's developers and ask them to resolve the problem you are seeing.

Step 8

If you saw the problem while only Smart Slider 3 was activated, contact us.

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