Rank Math SEO - publicly visible plugins

Rank Math SEO given warning to Smart Slider

1 plugins from your website are publicly visible

Explanation why this happens

When you publish a plugin or theme created code on your website, it will be visible and identifiable and there is no way to hide that in publicly available codes, like WordPress. In the source code of a website you can see the path of CSS, JS and image files, but even if you don't check that, from the HTML code a lot of plugins and themes can be identified, because of the classes and ids they are using. So it is an easy claim for an analyzer plugin, which doesn't publish anything on the frontend of a website to say that something is publicly visible, but that analyzer plugin probably can be found just as easily, as for example WordPress requires a readme.txt file for every plugin. If you look at this link by replacing www.yourwebsite.com, probably you will see their file too:

which means they are publicly visible,  yet they don't address this as an issue
So this plugin is just completely wrong to make these kind of visibility statements and you should ignore it.
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