Reduce unused JavaScript (Google PageSpeed Insights)

You might see some of our js files within Google PageSpeed Insights' "Reduce unused JavaScript" section:

The way Google PageSpeed Insights works is, that it can only capture those codes, which are happening during page loading. In Smart Slider there are a lot of JavaScript codes, which are happening after page load, for example the slide switching, the animations, some of the links, screen width specific codes, etc.. So there are a lot of JavaScript codes, which cannot be seen by Google PageSpeed Insights and that is why it marks them as "unused", while they are actually in use in certain situations. What you should know is, that Google uses two things to measure a website. One is this test you see on Google PageSpeed Insights, the other one is  Real-user experience data:
which is based on actual user experience on your website by clicking on parts of it and using the page on different browsers, screen sizes.
So it is completely fine, that Google PageSpeed Insights doesn't notices everything, as they are capturing user datas as well, and in the end you won't be left with this much unused JavaScript, but it will be a lot less.
All in all, with Smart Slider we are only loading those JavaScript (and other) codes, which are necessary, so our code is as optimized as can be.
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