CDN problems

When you are using CDN, most of them, like BunnyCDN does not check whether or not a file was changed, and you need to clear your CDN cache manually everytime something changes in your website, which uses files from this CDN server. So make sure, that you clear your cache to avoid errors!

Some CDN services offer options to turn on query parameter based caching. At BunnyCDN this should be the Vary Cache - URL query string option. This is good, because for example if you have a file like this:

then the developer of that js file could change the version number:

and the CDN provider could detect, that the file has changed and they will clear the cache automatically. We are using this ?ver parameter at our files too, and a lot of WordPress developers are doing the same, so this could be a solution for you, if you don't want to clear your cache all the time. You should contact your CDN provider to ask them, whether or not they offer this as an option.

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