TypeError: _N2.ImageHelper is not a constructor

JavaScript error message

TypeError: _N2.ImageHelper is not a constructor

Cause & solution

This error message appears, when you have a caching on your website, which still loads some of our older files. You should follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. Clear your browser's cache

If you are using Windows you can press Ctrl + F5 to force your browser to download all your website's files again.

If you are using Mac, go to Preferences and empty the caches of your website.

You can also try to use incognito window or a different browser.

2. Clear the cache of your caching plugins/extensions. You can also turn them off temporarily.

3. If the previous two didn't helped, then your problem will be caused by server cache. If your server host gave you a login to manage your settings, you should login and look around your server settings. If you cannot find anything, contact your server host and ask them to turn off server caching on your website. If you see the problem being resolved, you can ask them to turn it back on, but also ask them to fix the problem, so this wouldn't happen anymore.

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