Too many or too big images are used

Possible errors
  • On iOS, macOS devices: Browser will crash or some images won't load.
  • On Windows Chrome: "DOMException: The source image cannot be decoded." JavaScript error

Browsers have limitations about how big and how many images you can use on a page. When there are too many images or they are too big, Safari will simply crash, or if you are lucky, it will just stop loading the images and your website still shows up, just without them. Windows Chrome will write out an error message, but if you look deeper, you will see that the real problem is, that the browser's cache limitations are reached.

You should also note, that on MacOS and iOS devices every browser can only use Safari as its base, so if for example you see the same issue within Chrome, it happens, because you are still looking at a Safari code processed website.


If you are experiencing either of these errors, you are most likely using 50+ slides on your website, with images on them. As the cause of the problem is not a Smart Slider code limitation or bug, but a browser limitation, there are no coding options to resolve it and the only solution is to use less images/slides. You should try to manage your website in a way, that you should have more pages to distribute your content better.

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