28Operation timed out

Error message

28Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 out of 123456 bytes received


This error message means, that with curl you cannot download a file from us due to a server related issue.

If your error message says, that "0 out of X bytes received", so not even a single byte could have come through, that issue could be caused by a server configuration or firewall setting, for example Mod Security prevents files to be downloaded. You should contact your server host and ask they should be able to help you resolve this issue! 

If you see some bytes coming through, so you see for example "1234 out of 56789 bytes received", that means the downloading could have happen, but it couldn't finish. This issue can be caused by a slow server download speed or small timeout setting. In my example the "10000 milliseconds" marks this time, and 10 seconds weren't enough for the downloading to happen. You should contact your server host and ask them to increase this timeout setting, to allow the complete downloading to happen, or they should debug why the download speed is so slow.

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