System Requirements


  • WordPress 5.0 or greater (WordPress 6.x is supported.)
  • Joomla 3.9 or greater (Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 are supported too.)

We only support traditional WordPress and Joomla websites! There are "Headless CMS" and other systems, which are modifying the core of these platforms to use completely different codes. We do not support these kind of special systems!

Server configuration

  • PHP VERSION: The required version is PHP 7.x or greater (PHP 8 is supported.). The slider won't run on older PHP versions.
  • Upload limitation: Minimum 8MB to be able to install Smart Slider 3 by uploading the zip file. If the limitation is smaller, or you're not sure about the value, ask your host!
  • Component: GD – Graphics directory. Usually it is enabled on every web-server, but if not, feel free to ask your hosting provider. They will enable it for you. Make sure they also enable the WebP support!
  • Component: CURL. It needed for the activation, import sample sliders and update. You'll also need it when you are using social generators.
  • Memory limit: 64M. The amount of memory our slider needs is up to the number of slides, and the number and types of the animations. So if you create a small slider, that can work with lower memory limit, too, but if you create a really big slider, that might need more. If your php info says that you have a lower memory limit, contact your server host and ask them to change it to 64M or 128M. If you have several plugins on your site you might need 128M or even 256M memory.
  • Server security: Our back-end uses base64 encoding in the back-end to be able to post any kind of variables. If your server has a base64 security filtering, ask them to turn it off.
  • SimpleXML extension
  • max_input_vars 1000 value
  • DOM extension

SQL type

  • MYSQL: The required version is 4.0 or greater.

Supported browsers


We support the latest versions of computer browsers for creating sliders: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

⚠️ Warning: Only computer browsers. Touch screen editing is not supported!


Smart Slider supports the latest versions of browsers, which were major releases made in the past 2 years: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android 9.0+ and iOS 14+ browsers. Older browsers are outdated and usually don't support modern coding standards, so Smart Slider is unable to support them.

We try to keep the list updated, but the important part is that we support the major releases that came out in the last 2 years. For example the last major iOS 16 version came out on September 12, 2022, so we will only support it until September 12, 2024.

Due to the issues in Edge, Microsoft released a whole new Edge version in January, 2020 which is based on Chromium. Smart Slider 3 only supports this Edge version.

⚠️ Warning: Internet Explorer is not supported! Some browsers have a limitation, check them here.

Detailed version support overview

Mac Safari

Older browser versions which don't appear on this list are not supported either! (In Mac, all browsers can only use Safari as their base.)

Safari version Release Date Support State
12.1.2 July 22, 2019
13.1.2 July 15, 2020
14.1.2 September 13, 2021
15.6 July 20, 2022
16.5 May 18, 2023

Older browser versions which don't appear on this list are not supported either!

OS Version Release Date Support State
iOS 13 September 19, 2019
iOS 14 September 16, 2020
iOS 15 October 27, 2021
iOS 16 September 12, 2022
iOS 17 September 18, 2023

TV Browsers

TV browsers are not supported. They often use primitive browsers which don't support modern codes. Some TV browsers might support JavaScript codes well and our slider works in them, but others cannot and therefore we cannot support them.

How to use Smart Slider 3 in non Joomla or WordPress websites?

You need a WordPress or Joomla platform to create a slider, however you can display your ready sliders in other platforms, too. Smart Slider 3 has an Export as HTML option, that will export all the files and codes you need, so you would be able to insert a HTML slider into your website. You will need to have a developer's knowledge to use the slider outside a WordPress or Joomla environment! Regretfully, we're not able to provide support for this usage.

Supported filenames

We do not support spaces and special characters in filenames besides - and _ signs. These kind of filenames do not work in a lot of browsers, and they do not work well with PHP and JavaScript codes either. So in some cases they are impossible to be supported, that is why you shouldn't use them within our sliders either.

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