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Creating groups

Slider Groups are available in the Pro version! You can create Groups at the Dashboard:

Groups can contain an unlimited number of sliders. However, they can't contain any other group.

Moving sliders to group

Click on the Slider options (the three dots at the top-right corner) and select Change group. You can also reach it by right clicking on the slider.

Then select the group(s) where you want to move the slider to. You can select more groups by pressing CTRL on Windows and CMD on Mac.

☝️ Note: You can move sliders to a Group one by one.


Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation helps reaching the Dashboard.

Main Menu

Available options:

  • Preview You can preview your group in the current settings. The Preview does not require saving, unless its opened in a new page.
  • Back You can go back to the previous level. In the Group settings page this means the Dashboard.
  • Save You can save your changes in the group.
Group name & ID

You can find the slider group name and ID here.

Group Actions

You can open the Group Actions by clicking on the Actions button.

  • Clear Cache: Clears the group's cache.
  • Export as HTML: You can export your slider group as static HTML, CSS and JS to include it to standalone sites.
  • Export: You can export your slider group as .ss3 file, which you can use to import it to another Smart Slider 3 installation.
  • Duplicate: You can duplicate your whole slider group.
  • Move to Trash: You can move the group to Trash for deletion.
New Project

You can create a new project, import a slider template or your own .ss3 file here, which will be added to this group. If you import a group template, that will be added to the Dashboard, not into this group.

Slider list

This is where you can find the sliders in this group. You can change the slider order by drag'n'dropping the sliders.

Group Configuration

Groups have two configuration section, where you can find the publishing options or rename the group.


There are many options to publish your slider group, and you can find most of them here. Learn more about publishing your slider group. Publishing a slider group will display all sliders within this group!



The name of your slider. It's important to give unique names, because probably you will create many sliders, and after a while, it's not that easy to find, which one which.


The thumbnail of the slider which shows up at the Dashboard. It's not used anywhere else.


The slider alias you can use in WordPress for the shortcode/PHP code to publish the slider

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