The Dashboard is the main page of Smart Slider 3 where you can find your available sliders and Groups, or create a new project. You can reach this page in WordPress by clicking on the Smart Slider 3 menu at the WordPress menu bar, and in Joomla from Components → Smart Slider 3.


Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation is located at the left side of the Header bar. It helps reaching the Dashboard from any page of Smart Slider 3.


Global menu

At the right side of the Header bar you can reach the Global settings and the Help Center.


Info Popup

Info Popup Here you can find the Smart Slider 3 version you're using and whether it's the latest release or access the Changelog. You can also check your license status here and deactivate it if needed.


Slider ordering

You can change the slider order in the dashboard. Available ordering options:

  • Manual order: You can order your sliders by drag'n'dropping them.
  • A-Z: Orders the sliders in alphabetical order.
  • Z-A: Orders the sliders in descending alphabetical order.
  • Newest First: Orders the sliders in ascending order.
  • Oldest First: Orders the sliders in descending order

Group creation

You can create a new a slider group.


New Project

You can create a new project, import a slider template or your own .ss3 file here.


Slider and Slider Group list

You can find the list of your already created (or imported) sliders and groups. Click on them to get to the Slider Settings page or Group view.

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