RSS generator

☝️ Note: This generator is only available in the Pro version.

With this slider type you can display the contents of an RSS feed.


Creating a new dynamic slide

To get started, go to any Slider Settings page and add a new dynamic slide. Choose RSS.

Configuring the generator

Set up your generator. Choose the settings you want.

You can also click on the View Records button to see the data you'll be creating your slide with.

When you're done, click on Add.

Editing the dynamic slide

After you saved your generator, you'll be redirected to the Slide Editor to set up the look of your slide. You can create your content by using variables.

Not sure what are the variables or how to use them? Learn how to work with variables.


You can use these options to set what you want your generator to show.


RSS url

The url of your rss feed.

Date format

Modify the date containing variables with any datetime format, which are available for the php date function.


Timezone offset in hours. For example: +2 or -7.

Translate date and time

Modify the date containing variables with from->to translations. This is a simple text replacement code. You can separate more translations with || signs between them. For example: Monday->Hétfő||Tuesday->Kedd||January->Január


These are the available variables you can use to build your dynamic slide content in the Slide Editor.

Not sure what are the variables or how to use them? Learn how to work with variables.

  • The variables are generated based on your RSS feed, so it's unique

Common issues

RSS dynamic slide generator doesn't work

This could happen, when the allow_url_fopen isn't enabled on your server, which would allow the rss content to be asked down by your site. You can check it, if you would create a php file with this code in it:

if( ini_get('allow_url_fopen')){
   echo 'it is turned on';
} else {
   echo 'it isn\'t turned on';

upload it to your ftp, and check it through your browser. If it will write out, that it's not turned on, then you should contact your server host, and ask them to turn it on.

RSS dynamic slide generator doesn't show image

An RSS feed is not equal to the content of a website! It is only part of the website's content, what the website's owner allowed for people to ask down through that RSS link. You should go to your RSS link, and you will see every single data there, which is accessible. If there is no image, then you won't have any images!

You can check your feed for instance, with Firefox, which shows it in a more user friendly way. Simply open the RSS link, like you would open any page.

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